William Clark

“I highly recommend Patrick Lee
and his historic portrayals,
not only for their
education and entertainment value,
but also for their relevance
to the business world.”

Schoor-DePalma (now CMX)

Engineers & Consultants, Manalapan, NJ

Patrick Lee as Lewis & Clark Co-Leader,

Capt. William Clark

Presentation Title:
Conquering the Unknown

Overcoming Obstacles

The Triumph of Teamwork

The Value of a Virtuous Life

Leadership & the ULTIMATE American Adventure!

“For 28 months, Meriwether Lewis & I led three dozen men into the unknown. We faced loneliness, hunger, freezing cold, burning heat, hostile Indians, sickness, discouragement and death.  You will learn of my life, adventure & leadership and its relevance for you in the 21st Century!”

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