Leadership Presentations by Patrick Lee

What others say …

“The absolute silence in the banquet hall as you spoke so eloquently was a testament to your ability to connect to our group.”
Maine Municipal Association

“You are not the traditional conference speaker. That’s why we hired you! …Would I recommend your keynote address to others? Absolutely!”
Excellence in Missouri Foundation

“Mr. Lee’s re-enactment of Thomas Jefferson is educational, thought-provoking, and entertaining. SA does not hesitate to highly recommend Mr. Patrick Lee and his work to any interested party.”
Smithsonian Associates, Washington, D. C.

“While his planned remarks kept the audience engaged, the high point was when he “ad-libbed” with attendees … We thoroughly enjoyed Patrick’s program and would highly recommend him.”
Kentucky Bar Association

“Mr. Lee is the consummate professional both on the stage and behind the scenes. He is the highest quality performer and the most gracious client.”
St. Louis
Federal Executive Board

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