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A curious home health practice …

In this video post, Thomas Jefferson offers a … unique … practice to prevent the common cold.
View it here.
To Mr. Maury, 1815, 4749

Patrick Lee’s Explanation
I don’t know why Jefferson began this practice 50 years before, but he must have had some indication it would be helpful. By 1815, a half century later, Jefferson, always the empiricist (as we saw in the Monday, August 20 post) could say, “This works. Here’s the evidence to prove it.”
Some years ago, I expressed my doubt about Jefferson’s thinking in this practice to a retired physician friend. He replied that there was some evidence that mild stress to the body had a slight antibiotic effect. There really could be a connection between cold water on the feet  (especially in the wintertime!) and improved resistance to infection.
Despite my profound respect for practically everything Jeffersonian, I don’t plan on taking up the practice. You?

 Mr. Jefferson offers your audience something far more stimulating
than a cold water foot bath.
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