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A curious home health practice …

In this video post, Thomas Jefferson offers a … unique … practice to prevent the common cold.
View it here.
To Mr. Maury, 1815, 4749

Patrick Lee’s Explanation
I don’t know why Jefferson began this practice 50 years before, but he must have had some indication it would be helpful. By 1815, a half century later, Jefferson, always the empiricist (as we saw in the Monday, August 20 post) could say, “This works. Here’s the evidence to prove it.”
Some years ago, I expressed my doubt about Jefferson’s thinking in this practice to a retired physician friend. He replied that there was some evidence that mild stress to the body had a slight antibiotic effect. There really could be a connection between cold water on the feet  (especially in the wintertime!) and improved resistance to infection.
Despite my profound respect for practically everything Jeffersonian, I don’t plan on taking up the practice. You?

 Mr. Jefferson offers your audience something far more stimulating
than a cold water foot bath.
Find out for yourself. Call Patrick Lee, 573-657-2739, to schedule him.

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Does one lie lead to another? And another? And …

In this video post, Thomas Jefferson offers some sage advice to his 15 year old nephew. View it here.
To Peter Carr, 1785, 4731

Patrick Lee’s Explanation
There is none needed on the subject matter.
Peter Carr (1770-1815) was the 4th of six children and the 1st son born to Dabney Carr and Thomas Jefferson’s sister, Martha. Dabney Carr was Jefferson’s best friend. Carr died in 1773, at age 30, and was buried near a hilltop that would become Monticello. That burial spot became the cemetery for the Jefferson family and remains to this day.
Jefferson took an active role in helping his widowed sister raise her children.

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