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REALLY bad leadership can end like this.

Having been, like him [Napoleon], intrusted with the happiness of my country, I feel the blessing of resembling him in no other point. I have not caused the death of five or ten millions …the devastation of other countries, the depopulation of my own, the exhaustion of its resources, the destruction of its liberties, nor its foreign subjugation. All this he has done to render more illustrious the atrocities perpetrated for illustrating [adorning] himself and his family with plundered diadems [crowns] and scepters [emblems of authority].
To Count Dugnani, February 14, 1818
Koch & Peden’s Life and Selected Writings of Thomas Jefferson, P. 625

Patrick Lee’s Explanation
Overly ambitious leaders ruin people and nations.
Jefferson observed that he and Napoleon had the same responsibility, the happiness of their nations. What were the outcomes of Napoleon’s “leadership”?
    – Millions dead
    – Countries devastated
    – France’s
                – population decimated
                – resources exhausted
                – liberties destroyed
                – domination by foreigners
And for what purpose? All to add trappings of power over others to himself and his family.

In the next post, September 16, Jefferson will contrast Napoleon’s “accomplishments” with his own.

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