Helen Keller

“Under construction,” I think is the phrase…

Until I can create a short video to convey the essence of

Helen Keller & the Three Little Pigs
A serious story of perspective and vision!

this will just have to do.

I combine two stories, one very silly about the Three Little Pigs, one very serious by Helen Keller, and empower your audience to:
ENLARGE their perspective (improving their relationships!)
EXPAND their vision (adding joy to their lives!)

I challenge them on both fronts and put a tangible take-away in their hands to accomplish both goals.

For almost 30 years, I have inspired, taught and empowered convention audiences from Maine to Hawaii, appearing and speaking as:
President Thomas Jefferson
Frontiersman Daniel Boone
Lewis & Clark Co-Leader William Clark
I now bring that three-decade track record of skill and experience to you in

Helen Keller & the Three Little Pigs.

You will enjoy this!

(I promise!)

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