Last Minute Things

Leadership Speakers

Last Minute Things

Items to discuss the day before or day of my presentation

1. Room set-up: I’d like to see the room as it will be for my presentation.

2. Sound-check
a. When the room is empty and with the tech person’s help to adjust the settings
b. I’ll take the mike with me, to go on under my costume.

3. My hiding place: Where can I be immediately before my presentation where the fewest people will see me?

4. When do you expect I’ll go on? I’ll be in my hiding place 10-15 minutes before then.

5. Introduction
a. Do you have a copy?
b. Who will introduce me?
c. Is he/she familiar with the introduction to deliver it easily and correctly?

6. Where will I enter? (Preferably from the back or a side door, making my way through the crowd to the front.)

7. Who will bring me to that door before the introduction has begun?

8. How will the lighting be set for the meeting?

9. A small table, a pitcher of tap water and a glass for a back corner of the riser?

10.Will there be a question and answer session? If so,
a. Moderator should invite questions when my remarks are done.
b. Have you planted 2 or 3 questions to get the session rolling?
c. PLEASE: Your volunteers should not read the questions!
d. I will continue until questions cease or moderator indicates time’s up.

11. A small table at the back of the room for a commemorative item for sale?

12. What else?





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