Leadership Q & A?

Leadership Speakers:
A Question and Answer Session?

(I hope so!)

Time permitting in your schedule, Mr. Jefferson (or either compatriot, Clark and Boone) would be honored to entertain questions following his remarks.

Our experience has shown that your members will enjoy this session as much as Mr. Jefferson’s prepared remarks! Questions can be on any topic. Nothing is off-limits.

This portion can last for the time available or until all questions are answered, whichever comes first.

Most people need a little time to think about a question to ask. To provide that “thinking time,” I ask that you plant a couple questions to be asked at the very beginning. These questions get the session rolling. Without this help, the Q & A can fall flat.

I can provide several getting-started questions if you like, but I’d prefer not to. This portion is best unscripted. Planting my questions to get things started could make the whole session look staged. I don’t want that.

If I provide questions, the ones who ask them cannot stand up and read their question from a piece of paper. That really looks phony. Each questioner needs to read and understand the question and then ask it from memory, paraphrasing it in their own words.

1. My first choice is for you to plant three questions of your choosing, with people who are prepared to ask them immediately at the beginning of the Q&A.
2. Second choice is for me to supply you with three questions, to plant with people who are prepared to ask them immediately at the beginning of the session.
3. Not a choice at all is to open the Q&A with no one prepared to ask questions. (I’ve been there. It’s not pretty!)

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