Historic St. Charles, MO, is home to the Lewis and Clark Boat House and Nature Center. Among other things, the Museum hosts the keelboat and two pirogues used in the 2003-2006 re-enactment of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Learn more about them here:

Pam Walatka has written an article on walking that quotes Jefferson extensively:
And here is the author’s web site:

Famous Kin?
Ever wonder who Thomas Jefferson might be related to through the centuries. You can find out here:
What significance is there in knowing he shares a lineage with Harper Lee or Princess Diana, among many others? Can’t say, but it is curious. And a bit fun.

The Plan …

… is to add links, book recommendations, etc., bringing you more information on these American heroes. I’m getting everything else on the new web site done first. When that’s done, I’ll start filling in this page.

Until then …

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