WHY engage Patrick Lee to speak at your meeting?
Because you will:

LEARN from these American heroes!
BENEFIT from their wisdom!
PROFIT from their experience!
BE INSPIRED by their examples!
BE ENTERTAINED in the process!

For over 20 years, Patrick Lee has inspired, taught and entertained meeting and convention audiences from Maine to Hawaii.
His motivational speaking brings leadership, wisdom and adventure:

→ From the past
→ Into the present
→ For YOUR future!

NOT boring, dusty, irrelevant history
BUT dynamic wisdom and leadership
to positively impact your future!

Past Appearances

“In addition to giving you high ratings, participants repeatedly indicated that you were ‘inspiring,’ ‘very educational,’ and ‘outstanding.’ That sums up what I was looking for in a closing speaker and what you provided so well.”
Nebraska Association of School Boards

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